Call for Papers

Greetings Florida Collegiate Honors Council Members and Friends,

On behalf of the Florida Collegiate Honors Council and our conference host University of North Florida, I invite you to submit your proposals for the 2017 Florida Collegiate Honors Council 27th Annual Conference. The 2017 conference theme is, “American Dreams, American Dreamers:  visions of the future from the honors community of today”.  This theme, composed before the 2016 presidential election, suggests the multiplicity of competing dreams for our future, and the diversity of dreamers – from the “dreamers” in the immigrant community to the dreamers who will shape our technological future, to the poets and philosophers who dream of better worlds.  Most honors colleges and programs see “leadership” as a central honors value, and what is leadership if not influencing others to shape tomorrow?  While members of the Florida Collegiate Honors Council are invited to explore a variety of topics and applications across disciplines using examples of academics, leadership, and service, presentations and posters that address the theme will be especially welcome.  For detailed information on submissions, please visit the FCHC website.

Conference proposals will be accepted through midnight, Friday, December 2, 2016. Notifications of acceptance will be sent to honors directors and deans beginning December 16, 2016.


Submissions for this conference were closed on 2016-12-02.