Dr. Richard Piper Scholarship

Non-renewable $1,000 Scholarship

Deadline for Submission: December 1, 2017




Description: The Dr. Richard Piper Scholarship is designed for university students who are graduating from a Florida Collegiate Honors Council (FCHC) four-year institution.

Application Process: Each Honors Director may nominate one student for this scholarship.

The Honors Director must submit a complete application, which includes the documents listed below.

· A statement that the student has a GPA of  3.5 or higher

· A list of the student’s record of volunteer service (one double-spaced page or less)

· A list of the  student’s leadership activities within the college or community (one double-spaced page or less)

· A 500 word essay, written by the student, which addresses the student’s educational and life goals

· A letter of recommendation from one professor (one page or less)

· A letter of nomination by the college/ community college Honors Director (one page or less).


Submission Directions

The complete application must be submitted by the Honors Director from the Director's university e-mail account

Send the six documents to Professor Quakish Liner at qliner@broward.edu


The Scholarship Committee will make its decision by December 12, 2017 and notify the Honors Director via email. The winner of the scholarship will be announced at the Florida Collegiate Honors Council Conference.