2018 FCHC Fine Arts Contest



The Florida Collegiate Honors Council is pleased to announce its annual fine arts competition for students enrolled in Honors Programs at Florida colleges and universities. For the 2018 FCHC Fine Arts Contest the coordinator is Professor Robert Fleischmann (fleischr@tcc.fl.edu). Deadline for submissions is January 12, 2018


Categories for Submissions

1. Fine Arts and Photography 


1. First prize in each category: $200 for the student

2. Second prize in each category: $150 for the student

3. Third prize in each category: $100 for the student

4. Honorable Mention in each category: Certificate

Only students who register for and attend the conference will receive awards.


Contest Rules

1. A Student may only submit one entry
2. Media Allowed includes: Pen, Pencil, Markers, paints, oils, charcoal, watercolors, canvas, paper. Film or Digital.
3. Work can be framed or ready for easel, no larger than 3' x 3'
4. Artwork must have a mechanism attached so it can be hung
5. Content Submission for judging must be .jpg only
6. Artist and Name of work must be visible on the back
7. Provide the Title and the Medium of the art work


Submission Process

1. Submissions must be submitted online through the following form

2. Each submission must:

a. Be formatted as .jpg


3. Submissions must be submitted no later than January 12, 2018.


4. If Selected, must bring artwork to the conference in order to receive Award. 



· Directors will be notified of their winning entries by the conference registration date

· All entries will be judged by a panel of at least three judges from a variety of academic disciplines in community colleges and universities.



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