Florida Collegiate Honors Council

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Conference Proposal 2013


2013 FCHC Conference Presentation Proposal - Empowering Honors: How Will We Shape the Future?


The Florida Collegiate Honors Council (FCHC) is now accepting proposals for its 2013 Annual Conference, hosted by Broward College, on February 22-24, 2013, at The Westin Fort Lauderdale, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The conference theme, “Empowering Honors: How Will We Shape the Future?” is intended to generate discussion on a variety of topics of relevance to Honors students, faculty, and administrators. Therefore, FCHC encourages proposals that approach the theme generally and from any academic discipline. Students should use this opportunity to share their classroom research projects as well as Honors initiatives. Faculty and administrators should also view this as an opportunity to share their own research as well as their best practices in Honors teaching and programming.

Proposals can be submitted in the following categories: Research Presentation, Informative Presentation, Workshop, Roundtable Discussion, and Research Poster (see below for more information regarding these categories).

The deadline to submit proposals is January 11, 2013 (Deadline Extended)


Presentation Types


Research Presentation (10-12 minutes, 1 or more speakers) – Research presentations are the standard way of presenting information at a conference. This includes research from any discipline. Multiple presenters can be organized in a single panel session and content can be delivered in any format that the presenters desire (speaking from a podium, using visual aids such as PowerPoint slides, etc.). The session concludes with a Question and Answer (Q&A) session where the audience has the opportunity to discuss the research presented with the panelists.

Informative Presentation (10-12 minutes, 1 or more speakers) – Informative presentations are very similar to research presentations, however, panelists do not have to share classroom or academic research interests, but can use this session to inform conference attendees of different initiatives or trends in Honors education. The session concludes with a Q&A session.

Workshop (45-50 minutes, Individual or Team Workshop Facilitator) – Workshop sessions focus on the exchange of ideas through the demonstration and application of specific techniques and skills. Delivery methods can include small group activities, work sheets, and the like.

Roundtable Discussion (45-50 minutes, 1 or more discussants) – Roundtable discussions are facilitated discussions between attendees and the organizers. The objective is to create a dialogue on the selected topic and encourage an information exchange that participants can take back to their home institutions.

Research Poster – Research posters encourage discussion in a less formal manner and will be displayed for one full day of attendee viewing. There will be one session where the presenters will be with their posters to answer attendee questions. Presenters should plan on bringing their own materials to display their posters (such as an easel, stand up presentation board to place on a table, etc.).


Presentation Discipline Help


Provide the general discipline your presentation is based in

Social Sciences include topics from Economics/Business, Psychology, Sociology, Communications, Political Science, History, Education, Linguistics, Philosophy.


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